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Bizi Plans Inc. is a management consulting firm that aims to help entrepreneurs navigate, plan and

execute their ideas through the use of well-researched and curated business plans and strategy

consulting. Alongside this, we also seek to have a social impact in developing countries by

supporting NGOs and innovation hubs with donations and other forms of community support, in

Africa. Essentially, we look to impact with the right business moves.


Coming from Canada, Ghana, and Chad respectively, Edwin and Jean-Baptiste came together with

a shared vision and goal of creating impact by supporting the growth of entrepreneurship in less. fortunate communities and throughout the world.


Our international background enables us to help companies discovering investment opportunities in

strategic African countries.


With a combined 10+ years of experience, contributing to small to medium-sized firms such as

TrustArc, Stand Up Youth, JFK Co, and Impact Consulting, to name a few, in realizing their strategic

targets via advising, sales, or active management roles, Edwin and Jean-Baptiste are highly

focused and determined too present their clients with excellent business advice and solutions that

ensure they scale at optimum rates.



Quality Business Consulting You Can Understand

Each step of the way, we’ll help you understand the process and involve you in all stages of development. That way, you’ll know how to pitch and present your ideas, and you’ll have a clear vision of the concepts and how it translates to finished work.

Not only that, we’ll help you from its creation up to its execution. We can create the website or app that becomes the foundation of your business. Not only that, we equip you to have everything you need to market and develop that business further. We can help your profit and flourish in this ever-competitive business world.

Custom Made Plans and Products

We tailor all our works to our client’s goals and preferences. You’ll get a solution that matches your ideals and personality. Our team will work side-by-side until we can create something compelling and desirable.

Because you have people who really have care about seeing your business flourish, at your side, we work continuously to build your vision. You’ll have a team working side-by-side, ready to deliver your products when you need them.

Work With Bizi Plans Today

Technology and trends in the business world are changing. Staying up-to-date and having the right tools for success is necessary. We help with conceptualization, research, forecasting, and the finished product. You can start your business with us and reach your goals.

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Edwin Kwarteng Nyarko

Co-Founder & CEO

Jean-Baptiste Baiwong

Co-Founder & COO

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